As I'm a family photographer I will recommend shooting at your home. This is where everyone is most comfortable and I find it refelcts my style of photography best. Majority of the session will be outdoors in the back/front yard where we can all relax and move freely.  We can also incorporate an additional location to the shoot.  For instance, we start the sessions at your home, then we can go to a field/paddock/creek/hay shed/beach/coffee shop - the options are endless.  But where ever we go I want it to have special meaning to your family.



I rely on natural light for my sessions.  Majority of my shooting happens outdoors in the late afternoon about 2hrs before sunset when the sun is low and soft.  I'm also open to early morning/sunrise shoots because the sun gives similar light at this time too but I understand that time slot isn't for everyone.



Something you feel beautiful and most importantly comfortable in.  Simple as that.  You can then just dress everyone else in a complimentary way to your chosen outfit. If you're going to wear a dress/skirt, please know that I will have you sitting down at some stage so if it's too short then you may find it hard to relax in a comfortable position. Natural and neutral shades work beautifully in photos and try to avoid dressing any two people in the same colour because you will blend into each other and it can be hard to distinguish between bodies.  And please avoid black t-shirts (for the same reason) no t-shirts with large logos/images on the front as they are distracting and will date.  Don't be afraid of patterns either.  They can look great - but just not too many of them. I suggest just one or two of the family members wear a pattern and everyone else in complimenting shades of solid colour/s.  Hats and scarves are always fun, too. 

My style of photography is very natural and unposed and I want your wardrobe to reflect this vibe too.  That definitely means no matching blue jeans and white shirts.  I will also mention that if you're thinking about ironing a dress or a shirt for your husband/kids to wear for the session, then you're not being real.  I don't know of ANYONE who irons clothes to wear around the house on a weekend. T-shirts work perfectly and to be honest, you will feel more relaxed in one.  Keep it real guys.

If you need help or inspiration with clothing options I have collected some broad ideas of what can work well.  Please click       .


If we are shooting indoors and you're worried about your home, please don't stress.  All I suggest is that you declutter the rooms that I would most likely shoot in which are the main bedroom, kids bedrooms and the lounge.  But also remembering I will really only be working in the rooms with the best natural light.   

What's also important is the linen on your bed.  It's a good idea to have a neutral or white coloured bed spread in your main bedroom.  What also makes for a great addition is if you have a crocheted or patchwork blanket for example, which holds special meaning to you and your family.


When I arrive at your home I would love for you to show me around, that way I can work out the best areas to shoot.  I will most likely need to stand on your sofa or beds at some stage and I may need to rearrange a little furniture to accommodate for the lighting, so just a heads up!  I will give you a brief description of how the shoot will run and what you can expect from me during the session.  I like to keep my interference with you during the shoot minimal but I will guide you on how to achieve natural family photos with regards to lighting etc.  I will also suggest ways in which you can sit together, play games and activities, cuddle, tickle, hold hands - you get the drift.  I let the session unfold and I capture exactly what I see. Please don't feel you can't be yourself in front of me.  If you enjoy an afternoon wine or beer, please know that it's ok to crack the bottle open while I'm there!  Hey, it may even help you relax...


Once I get home from our session, I will start the editing process straight away.  Editing is a huge love of mine and I can't wait to dive in!  Your gallery will be ready to view online approx 1-2 weeks later where you will be sent an email with a link to view your online gallery. You will then be able to download your images which you can also print straight from your gallery.  


You probably know you can get prints done cheaper and faster elsewhere but you won’t get better quality than Atkins Photo Lab as they are experts in their fields. They produce photographic products that will last for generations and their products are hand made, carefully crafted, and truly special.  When you receive your online gallery and you are ready to print your photos, Atkins have an online store which is linked to your photo gallery.  From there you can print and enlarge your photos, make an album, print canvases or even choose frames for your printed photos!  It's super easy and so convenient. 

*If you choose to use another printing company I can not guarantee quality of the final printed product.


No problem -  we reschedule.  Just let me know as soon as possible and we'll work out another date that suits us both.  There are no re-booking fees if you're unwell.



We reschedule.  I'm happy to work in all weather conditions mother nature throws at us but rain is where my camera and I stop.  

*There will be a fee if you choose to reschedule more than twice for reasons other than illness and weather.


There's nothing I haven't seen, trust me.  I have two kids of my own and I get how these things happen every now and then, or even on the daily!  It might be your tweenager going through the 'too cool' stage or your toddler screaming because you gave him the green cup and not the orange one.  Please don't let it stress you out and ruin this beautiful experience.  I'm here to capture your family in it's genuine form and if that means tantrums, then so be it!  I want real life, not cheesy fake smiles.



This is something I don't do.  It wouldn't be true to my style of honest family photography.  I will remove the odd blemish but that's about it.  These photos are not about how you look.  I want you to treat this experience as an opportunity to connect with your family, drop your insecurities and to make some lovely memories with them. You'll be able to give your kids a tonne of images showing them how much they are adored.  Trust me, your kids won't look back on these photos and think anything but 'look how they loved me'. 

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