Hi, I'm Pip. I'm a family photographer based in the small Queensland country town of Texas with my husband and two daughters.  We live the simple life and wouldn't have it any other way.  Since moving back to the country it's given our girls a childhood full of freedom and independence which makes me incredibly happy.  Living where we do, it has emphasised my love for this beautiful country and I have fallen hard for the Australian spirit, it's landscapes and it's heritage.  I've never felt so connected to this land as I do here.     

Let me tell you why I love taking photos - I'm going to be completely honest and bare a little about myself.... I grew up in a family where there wasn't a lot of affection or quite simply, love shared between my parents.  The example of their relationship flowed through our family dynamic and can be seen in our family album.  I look at these old photos and it makes me sad to be reminded of what didn't exist or should I say what wasn't expressed.  I know my parents loved me and my siblings, but for me there is pain in those printed memories.  There is no joy, no happiness, no big love - there was a disconnect in our family unit and those photos remind me of it.

I'm on a mission to give photos that encapsulate and express a families connection, their love, their sadness, their joy and ALL of the many feels that are a part of this journey in life.  I want to give you photographs of you loving deeply where you're not afraid or embarrassed to show it.  And I want mums to exist in photos.  We are the back bone of our families and we don't put ourselves in the forefront enough.  We love our family HARD, and will do whatever is needed to nourish it and protect it -  and that needs to be documented.  I want your kids to pick up these photos one day when you're gone, and be reminded just how important and loved they truly were.  I want to be able to give you and more importantly your children happy memories.  









My style of photography thrives on real life which means embracing its truth -  the bare feet, the messy hair, the crinkled shirts, and the not so perfect 'instagram worthy' home.    My approach is very relaxed.  There are no forced smiles or unnatural posing, just genuine expressions and connections. I believe that is how a bona fide family portrait should look and feel.

My black and white imagery is raw, evocative, nostalgic and timeless.  The photographs I aspire to deliver illustrate just how beautiful you are and the life around you is, which you created with the ones you love.



In 2016 I was selected as a top ten portrait finalist for 'Australia's Top Emerging Photographer' by one of the country's leading photography magazines for professionals 'Capture'. I have also featured in Country Style Magazine and photographed the cover of 'Graziher' magazine Winter 2016 edition.

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